B r i a n Y u n g b l u t


This Artist - Mixology

Start with equal parts doubt and confidence; then pour over with a liberal amount of exuberance, add a dash of fear and follow with a little encouragement (if your cupboards are bare of encouragement, alcohol will do). Lastly add some humility; make sure enough gets into the glass, it's a difficult step. Stir together gently, you don't want to bruise it; if done correctly, the result is brilliant - you're gonna love it!

More often than not, I start my print making process with camera in hand (my sketchbook) and a far off, vague mental itch. I'm always looking for ways to build my prints with layers; even Giclée prints have their pigments sanded down. I add mediums in layers, then scratch till satisfied.

My passions to create are very early memories, as are the dark shadows looming over that innocence. So... a constant adding and subtracting of pigment, design and calculations. Bringing shadows and light to play; hiding, and then discovering...